The Queen Elizabeth Choir (QE Choir) welcomes all students in grades one to seven who love to sing. The choir runs for three terms during the school year. Students are to register each term and are expected to commit to attending rehearsals twice a week. Rehearsals run at lunch time in the school auditorium. We meet at 12:10, eat lunch together, take attendance, make announcements, and rehearse.

The QE Choir began in 2011 when principal, Mrs. Donna Proctor, and the QE PAC saw a need in our school community for a choir. Currently, we are in our seventh year. The goals of the choir are to provide opportunities for students to sing, have fun learning about vocal technique, music, and experience the joys and fruits of being committed to a “team” of passionate young performers. During each term, an average of sixty students rehearse towards a performance goal. In the first term, from September to December, the choir prepares for a Winter Musical. During the second term, from January to March, we participate in school assemblies and the VSB District Choral Festival. Lastly, in term three, from April to June, we perform at the Grade seven graduation ceremonies and/or a June Concert.

Our QE Choir is managed and directed Mrs. Kathy Na. She is a music teacher and a QE parent volunteer. Mrs. Na runs the program with the help of her husband, Mr. WY Na. Together, they have enjoyed working with our QE students-producing our musicals, preparing for music festivals, and concerts for the past seven years. Music is a huge part of their family and they have enjoyed giving back to our QE community in their areas of expertise. Throughout the entire school year, Mr. and Mrs. Na are grateful for the support of the QE Administration, QE Staff, VSB Sponsors, QE Parent Volunteers, and the QE PAC.

To the many students we have had the privilege of teaching, watching you grow and mature has been a joy. To the grade seven students who we have taught since you were in grade one, this will be your last year with us. We wish you all the best as you pursue the next phase of your education in high school. Our QE choir will miss you dearly. You have anchored the choir for many years, and we hope this lesson in anchoring will hold you steadfast the years ahead of you. We hope you will continue to participate in other choirs. May the love of music always be in your hearts and may you continue to bring joy to yourself and to others.