Order Hot Lunch

QE Hot Lunch is one of the PAC’s most popular programs and runs twice weekly on every Monday and Wednesday. To order you must first register with our ordering program called MunchaLunch.

To register with MunchaLunch click on button below.

Our suppliers include Calhoun’s (a local restaurant), Subway, Flying Wedge and Sushi.

Click to see the variety of dishes offered:  Hot Lunch Menus

You can pick which days you wish to participate. Hot Lunch is open for ordering in three sessions per year – fall, winter and spring.

To place an order for the next session, click button below.

The PAC’s preferred method of payment is credit card however we will accept cheques made out to QE PAC and left in the PAC mailbox by the ordering deadline.

Hot Lunch is the PAC’s largest source of funding and provides essential funding for all programs so participation is appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact: qehotlunch@gmail.com