PAC Executive Openings Next Year

There will be significant turnover in the PAC Executive for the 2024-2025 school year.

Harper Hadden (Treasurer), Claire McClean (Co-Chair) and Domina Edwards (Co-Chair) will be formally stepping down from the PAC Executive at the AGM in September 2024. We have greatly enjoyed our time serving on the PAC Executive, but it is time to pass the baton.  We are truly grateful for the experience we have had working with incredible parents, teachers and our administrative staff. New friendships have been formed, and we had a lot of fun along the way.

We need to identify a new Chair (or Co-Chairs) and Treasurer as soon as possible in order to transition the roles over the summer. This would allow the new volunteers to hit the ground running, with a formal hand-off in September 2024 at the AGM.

Without a Treasurer and at least one PAC Chair we are unable to apply for the BC government’s Gaming Grant ($20 per student each year). Without someone to keep the books and pay the bills we will be unable to run fundraising programs, such as hot lunch. Accordingly, we need to identify these critical roles before the start of the next school year with the transition and hand-off to occur over the summer.

Please reach out if you have any interest (at all!) in these positions. We are happy to chat about what to expect, time commitments, and how you can craft these roles and the school community to your vision. Our incumbents will work with you until you feel comfortable in the role. Volunteering with the PAC Executive gives you a voice to advocate for parents at the school and you also communicate regularly with school administration. The PAC Executive group works on projects and events to improve the school for all students. 

The typical time commitment is 5 or 6 PAC meetings during the school year. The PAC tries to sponsor 3 or 4 events each year (Fall Harvest Festival, Holiday Bazaar, Lunar New Year, Spring Family Picnic), but this depends on where the PAC Executive and other volunteers decide to put their time, skill, and efforts. We know you are busy, and we respect the limits of your availability. If a position interests you but seems too daunting, consider doing just a part of the position or finding a friend to share the job with you. We appreciate any degree of involvement. We are all “just parents” doing our best – no special skills or knowledge required.

Volunteers make a vital difference in our children’s experience at school. We hope that you share our passion to be involved and will consider becoming part of our volunteer community. Please contact us to express your interest or if you have any

Current Role Descriptions:

PAC Co-Chairs

  • Organize and attend PAC meetings
  • Moderate and time-keep at PAC meetings
  • Speaks with the principal as needed to ensure flow of communication
  • Monitor and respond as needed to the main PAC email account.
  • Act as co-signatory on the PAC bank accounts and monitor the PAC bank accounts
  • Help organize PAC sponsored events
  • Manage and send PAC emails to school community
  • Update PAC website as needed


  • Apply for BC Lotteries Gaming Grant each June and provide final reporting for the grant each year.
  • Prepare PAC budget in consultation with the rest of the PAC Executive each August/September for the AGM in the fall.
  • Provide short budget update at each subsequent PAC meeting
  • Prepare documentation/bookkeeping reports
  • Pay bills and invoices
  • Monitor PAC bank account
  • Provide leadership in distribution of funds raised to clubs, teachers, the school
  • Provider leadership in capital campaign / direct drive fundraising efforts