QE Sports

School sports are an important way for kids to keep fit, have fun and to try something new. They also encourage school spirit and give plenty of opportunity for children to make new friendships outside the classroom. Here at QE we are very lucky to have many capable and enthusiastic staff and parent volunteers.

The school sports program starts with x-country in September, switches to volleyball at the end of October, basketball from just before Christmas until the end of February and then finally Track & Field in April and May. It is hoped that our sports programs will be able to run in some capacity in 2021 – 2022.

Students who wish to participate are expected to attend all practices and games. Team Sports are open to Grade 5, 6 and 7 students. Track & Field is open to Grade 3 and up, while X – Country and Running Club are open to all ages.

Coaches are a mix of teachers and parent volunteers. The continued availability and success of these programs is dependent on parent volunteers to help coach. Any parents who are interested with helping out with any of the sports please contact the PAC. The PAC is also looking for a parent willing to act as the Sports Coordinator. We are happy to provide further details.

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