Volunteer Opportunities

We are planning and hoping that our traditional PAC sponsored activities will be able to be held in 2023-2024. Use the contact form on this page or the email addresses on the PAC Contact page to indicate your interest in any of the opportunities or send an email to qepacvancouver@gmail.com. The PAC also sends out requests for volunteers as needed to our mailing list.

Opportunities Include:
Executive Roles We have key roles we are very much in need of filling! If you are interested please let us know and we can provide you with more details about the role.
Volunteer Coordinator, Charitable Fundraiser Coordinator.
School GardenWe want to create a team of parent garden volunteers, to help with all aspects of the garden program throughout the year, both during the day, at after school or weekend work parties, and at special events.
Hot Lunch Hot Lunch is both a PAC fundraiser (a very profitable one) and a treat for both parents and kids. The Hot Lunch team is in need of volunteers to help set up, deliver and clean up on Hot Lunch days.
Special Events In past years we’ve done Games Night, Family Picnic, Holiday Bazaar, Lunar New Year and Book Fairs.
Fresh Fruit and VegFF&V is a great educational (and delicious) program that is run by the school with the assistance of parent volunteers. The program helps teach kids about the importance of healthy eating, safe food handling practices and an awareness of where our food comes from.
CoachesCoaches of our sports teams are a mix of teachers and parent volunteers. The continued availability and success of these programs is dependent on parent volunteers to help coach.